At night when the city sleeps, I listen to the wind, the rain, and anticipate the storm. I look deep in my soul in search of a reason. It reminds me of cleaning up the attic; there is always something you have forgotten that you had. The things I find in my search is where my "Art" flows from. I use the computer, as a tool, to produce my art. I use computer graphics as a concept and as a procedure.   husam saoudi

"As far as the computer is concerned, its appearance does not indicate its purpose or capacity. What is important is the fact that the concepts accumulated within the machine determine its purpose." 
--Masaki Fujihata 

Most of my art is confined in small spaces. These spaces and rooms represent my body, mind, and soul. The symbols are intimate and personal but always inviting to others to read and interpret.

People see my art through my eyes because I build it as if I am standing in the piece looking at it. When I work on three dimensional modelled images, I pre-design the sets as an architect would prepare blue prints for buildings, but I use my two dimensional imagery to express raw emotions in a form of abstract expressionism. This is a way to release and to speak out my mind, for I am silent. 

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