Husam Saoudi

5104 Peake Ln.
Portsmouth, VA 23703

Phone: 757-271-6666


Mr. Saoudi has over 8 years of experience in the training industry with expertise in the areas of development, analysis, testing and support. He is a team lead, with specific expertise in the analysis and development of interactive DVD-ROMs and Distance Learning (DL) courses. Mr. Saoudi is also familiar with numerous multimedia software applications including MS-DirectX, Dreamweaver, Director, and Flash.


M.A., Computer Art/Graphics, Computer Programming, 1998

B.S., Computer Art/Graphics, Computer Programming, Old Dominion University, 1996


Team Lead

CACI   2004 - Present

U.S. Army Cadet Command
Junior ROTC Curriculum Development

LET Curriculum Development, develops Games for JROTC, stand alone products as well as online using Adobe Director and Flash. Interfaces Adobe Director Games with e-instruction's CPS system hardware using COM port communication. Programs and interfaces design of a multimedia browser and presentation application to support JROTC LET Curriculum, a DVD-ROM application that supports both LET Core and Non Core courses. Development is done in Adobe Director and MS ActiveX components. Make patches to update the media on the LET and CORE DVDs to keep the information in the lessons current.  Programs a File type setup utility to test and set up how MS-Windows handle/execute file types. Video Editing and conversion.

Lead Programmer

U.S. Army Cadet Command
Junior ROTC Distance Learning

Updated all JROTC Flash ActionScript/ASP exams and certificates.
Support instructors, with their technical issues.

Prototype Developer

CASCOM - U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command

Developed HTML/Flash interface template components, content and SCORM support.

Lead Programmer

DTMO - Defense Travel Management

Developed HTML/Flash/ASP interface templates and assessments.

Lead Programmer

AFOSI - Air Force Office of Special Investigations

Developed Flash interface template to navigate through the course.

Lead Programmer

ADCS - Automated Data Capture System

Re-edited programming interface CD - Adobe Director.

Prototype Developer

US Marine Corps Semper Fit Course

Programmed a Personal Action Strategy tracking application for the Semper Fit Course - Adobe Flash / Java Script / SCORM.

Prototype Developer

JPMO DL - Joint Program Management Office Distance Learning

Interfaced design, and programmed online quizzes - Adobe Flash & Dreamweaver / ASP / SCORM.

Prototype Developer

CASCOM DL - Combined Arms Support Command Distance Learning

Programmed an interface to help users navigate through lessons while keeping track of their progression through the LMS using Flash and SCORM.

Lead Programmer

US ARMY Cadet Command ROTC SOCC DL. - School of Cadet Command Distance Learning

Adapted the JROTC multimedia browser for the needs of ROTC (used in History and Heritage Interactive Multimedia Instructions.) Maintained and updated the ROTC interface to the client requirements. Programmed a Journal entry utility - Adobe Director & Flash / Java Script.

Lead Programmer

Applications and utilities used by both ROTC and JROTC.

Programmed an online testing application - Adobe Flash / ASP / SCORM. Programmed an online survey application - Adobe Flash / ASP. Programmed an online certificate issuing utility - Adobe Flash. Provided Lingo, ActionScript, and Visual Basic programming support to team members.


Instructional Technology Specialist

Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA
Instructional Technology Specialist at the Center for Learning Technologies

Instructional technology support - provided instructional technology support. Worked with and took direction from senior instructional designers regarding the development and production of instructional materials, courseware product, learning tools, and technologies. Familiar with and practice standard instructional design strategies. Customized administrative and generic technologies to client and/or project-defined learning needs and objectives. Worked as part of a larger project team; worked as technical lead on the development of learning tools. Developed materials and modules based on a defined instructional strategy. Interpreted design strategies and translated learning objectives in to learning product. Provided first-line support to instructors as they developed content for course materials or course products.

Learning Technology Evaluation and Development - Worked in a variety of technologies and technical learning environments, both synchronous and asynchronous. Worked with a variety of instructional models, including traditional distance learning, online, television-delivery based, blended, and computer assisted courses. Based on the learning objectives and design plan, evaluated the appropriateness of the learning and infrastructure technologies to meet objectives. Proposed tools, technical and development strategies, as well as administrative technologies appropriate to the endeavor. Offered guidance and practical ideas. Assisted with creative troubleshooting. Worked with other service units, such as Office Of Computing And Communications Services, Distance Learning, and the Library to ensure project success.

Communication with other related to service units - acted as a "translator," regarding the instructional technology issues and needs to service units not consistently involved with instructional project activities. Worked with new media, media, technology, and technically oriented service units to ensure they understand a variety of requirements related to the development, deployment, scalability, training, use, and ongoing maintenance related to the technical requirements of courseware development and use. Wrote up explanatory materials, including job aids, both for the instructor/user and for the technical service support units on the use of learning tools and technologies. Works closely with Office Of Computing And Communications Services to ensure help materials and websites were user-friendly.

Training - participated in the Center’s training programs. Offered formal, informal, and customized training, with a focus on training in specialized software applications, tools, and technologies. Developed workshops, seminars, brown bags, panels, and other forums for faculty. Developed online and computer-assisted training modules.

Worked with students - provided guidance and training for student assistants assigned to specific projects. Training of students can involve teaching them simple tasks such as how to build websites, or more complex tasks involving working with software programs, using sophisticated graphics packages, creating animations and simulations.

Special projects - Worked on other projects, committees, initiatives, and activities, as assigned by the supervisor. These projects can be internal to Center For Learning Technologies, or external and part of a university initiative.

Interactive Media Adjunct Faculty

Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA

Multimedia instructor / Information Technology Specialist at the Visual Arts Department.
Video Streaming supervisor at the TELETECHNET, distance learning center.

Multimedia and Web consultant

DuPont Computers Inc. Washington, DC

Integrated a new Visual Basic, Arabic text editor with Flash, Director, PhotoShop, and 3D Studio MAX Web, Shockwave development, PC and LAN support

Multimedia and Lingo Teaching Assistant

Savannah College of Arts and Design Savannah, GA

Assisted graduate students in the technical side of their final projects. Game Design and code prototype exhibited at Living and Learning , sigKIDS, Siggraph 98. Ported a game, made by Epic Mega Games, to Win95 and Mac as a part of a graduate project in game development.

AutoCAD Lab Technician

Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA

Assisted undergraduate students in their first AutoCAD class and oversaw the lab.


Americomm Norfolk, VA

3D Modeling and Animation. Programmed an interactive promotional kiosk.

Computer Graphics and Animation Teaching Assistant

Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA

Helped students get their animation on video. LAN administrator and Web Master.

Computer Graphics Teaching Assistant

Monmouth University Monmouth, NJ

Video editing and image processing on TARGA editing suite.


Internet Explorer, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Word, Microsoft SQL Server, Lotus Notes, Dark Basic, Blitz 3D, Multimedia Fusion Developer 2, Visual Basic, Sound Forge, Torque, IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, Windows XP Professional, Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Acrobat, Captivate, Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver,  Flash, and Director.