How to embed Internet Explorer in Director

to add web browser to your Director project in Windows, just follow these easy steps:

from the top menu click on

  1. Insert / Control / ActiveX

  2. Select "Microsoft Web Browser" and click OK

  3. Press OK

  4. Drag the web browser from cast to the stage

Thats it you have a web browser you can load stuff into. It supports anything IE supports, pics, CSS, web plugins etc....

to load something

  • sprite("urlWindow").Navigate2("http://something.htm")

other useful methods

  • sprite("urlWindow").GoBack()
  • sprite("urlWindow").GoForward()
  • sprite("urlWindow").GoHome()
  • sprite("urlWindow").GoSearch()
  • sprite("urlWindow").Stop()
  • sprite("urlWindow").Refresh2()
  • sprite("urlWindow").Navigate2("about:")


This should give you a good start. Download the project to find out how to print and how to change text size.

--ActiveX controls are direct to screen objects so they go on top of everything, you can set their visible to false but you can change the loch and locv to off the stage.

Download Project


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Last updated February 27, 2010